Hives 101 | Arlington Dermatology

Hives (urticaria) are a pores and skin response that produces bumps and raised patches on the pores and skin’s floor. The itchy and swollen look of hives could make the situation appear contagious, however it isn’t. The skin condition is usually triggered as a symptom of one other illness (strepContinue Reading

Reasons to Take Vitamin C Every Day

Vitamin C is important for the correct formation and performance of all physique tissues, together with the formation of collagen, iron absorption, immune perform, upkeep of cartilage and bones and wound therapeutic. It is usually a robust antioxidant that protects towards free radicals and pollution that harm DNA.  Vitamin CContinue Reading

Collagen Stimulating Fillers — Skin Depth Dermatology

What are collagen stimulation remedies? Collagen stimulating filler, also referred to as bio-stimulators, accommodates an injectable substance known as poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA).  Collagen stimulating fillers produce a really pure and delicate consequence by rejuvenating and including quantity to the pores and skin. As soon as it’s injected, the micro-particles containedContinue Reading

RHA adds volume to your face while keeping your natural look.Georgia Dermatology Center

RHA Now At Georgia Dermatology Heart RHA is a custom-made injectable resolution combining two Hyaluronic Acid volumizers: TEOSYAL RHA® ULTRA DEEP and TEOSYAL RHA® 4, designed to revive lack of quantity whereas preserving your pure facial expressions. Introducing TEOSYAL️® , a variety of injectable ®® manufactured from hyaluronic acid designed toContinue Reading