Overview of Dermal Fillers


Facial fillers have been growing in reputation over the previous a number of years and are actually some of the in style remedies for facial getting old. As a extremely customizable process, facial filler injections can be utilized to switch quantity loss related to the getting old course of, improve numerous options, and obtain facial stability in sufferers with pure asymmetries.

However how precisely do they work? Our expert and skilled suppliers at Dermatology Associates of Atlanta have been performing facial filler remedies for many years. That can assist you higher perceive this process, we’re digging into facial fillers, how they work, and what you possibly can anticipate.

How Do Facial Filler Injections Work?

As we grow old, our pores and skin loses a few of its youthful quantity and elasticity. First, our our bodies’ fats cells are likely to shift, leading to a lack of quantity in fascinating areas such because the cheeks and a rise in quantity in undesirable areas such because the jowls. As well as, our pores and skin incorporates a protein known as collagen which promotes pores and skin elasticity and fullness. Our our bodies produce much less and fewer collagen as we age, leading to effective traces, wrinkles, and sagging pores and skin. We lose much more collagen from life-style elements like solar publicity, air pollution, and smoking. The lack of each collagen and facial fats can result in wrinkles and facial hollowing.

Facial fillers are designed to rejuvenate and recontour your face by changing misplaced quantity. A educated and skilled supplier like our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants will inject filler in exact areas to focus on particular issues. We will additionally use fillers to focus on sure points that aren’t age-related, resembling naturally skinny lips or pure facial hollows from genetics or weight reduction.

Forms of Facial Fillers

The science behind fillers and the way in which they work varies. There are two essential classes of dermal fillers that work in numerous methods.


  1. Quantity Substitute Fillers

The commonest sort of facial fillers in the marketplace are quantity substitute fillers. These fillers use a cloth, normally an artificial model of a pure materials known as hyaluronic acid, to immediately restore quantity loss, enhance traces, and supply youthful construction.

Restylane® merchandise, Juvéderm®merchandise, and Belotero Stability® are all hyaluronic acid fillers that enhance look by changing quantity. As a result of hyaluronic acid is of course metabolized by the physique slowly over time, the outcomes are short-term, usually lasting between six and 18 months relying on the particular filler used and the world injected.

  1. Collagen Stimulation Fillers

Sure fillers, resembling Sculptra® and Radiesse®, work to fight indicators of getting old by stimulating your physique’s pure collagen manufacturing. These fillers comprise specialised substances that promote collagen manufacturing over time, to assist enhance the looks of wrinkles, tighten sagging pores and skin, and restore natural-looking quantity.

As a result of these merchandise work by growing your physique’s innate collagen, outcomes seem steadily over the course of weeks to months. For that motive, some collagen stimulation fillers additionally comprise a “placeholder” materials in order that sufferers can take pleasure in fast outcomes whereas additionally producing new collagen.

Though it might take longer to see enhancements from collagen stimulation, they do produce longer-lasting outcomes than hyaluronic acid fillers. Sufferers can anticipate their outcomes to final about two years. After this time period, the newly shaped collagen has had sufficient time to interrupt down because the pure getting old course of continues.

Experiencing Facial Filler Injections for Your self

Studying a few process is an excellent method to make an knowledgeable choice concerning the remedies you need. If you happen to imagine facial fillers would be the proper alternative for you, whether or not you wish to scale back wrinkles, restore youthful facial quantity, or improve the dimensions and contour of your lips, call Dermatology Associates of Atlanta right now to schedule a session. For extra skincare ideas and particular affords together with our month-to-month Beauty Days, observe us on Fb and Instagram.

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