Vitamin C — Pores and skin Depth Dermatology

Vitamin C — Skin Depth Dermatology

Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient that’s able to delivering vary of advantages to the pores and skin.  It’s a potent anti-oxidant, anti-aging, has UV protecting features, has antipigmentary results and may stabilise different elements in skincare

Free radicals are unstable molecules which may harm pores and skin cells. By way of a number of pathways, free radicals can result in the formation of high quality strains, wrinkles, pigmentary modifications, uneven pores and skin texture, telangiectasia and photo voltaic elasticity 

Free radical formation is triggered by UV/ solar publicity, smoking and air pollution

Whereas sunscreen is ready to stop a lot UV induced free radical exercise, vitamin C has been proven to extend photograph safety of the pores and skin when the 2 are used collectively

It’s function in anti-aging may be attributed to its involvement within the formation and stabilisation of latest collagen fibres, and in it’s skill lower collagen degradation, thus conserving slowing down the formation of high quality strains and wrinkles

Vitamin C has additionally been proven to assist enhance hyper pigmentation by inhibiting the motion of tyrosinase -an enzyme which is important for the formation of melanin. 

When is involves the pores and skin, the impact of vitamin C is finest achieved through topical software of the ingredient. Dietary vitamin C is utilised by bodily methods and processes, however hardly ever turns into accessible and lively throughout the pores and skin

Vitamin C is water soluble. By itself it is vitally susceptible to oxidation and subsequently has a brief shelf life. It additionally doesn’t readily penetrate the pores and skin, because of the lipids current within the higher layers of the dermis -remember lipids and water don’t like to combine or go by means of one another 

Subsequently, intelligent skincare formulations and methods are required to assist this vitamin soak up and stay viable 

A method to assist Vitamin C soak up into the pores and skin is decrease the pH of the formulation it’s in. The pores and skin higher absorbs Vitamin C at a pH of decrease than 3.5, although low pH formulations can irritate these with delicate pores and skin 

Alternatively, Vitamin C may be tailored into lipophilic (oil soluble) variants that are steady in a impartial pH surroundings. These formulations are typically much less irritating

Formulations containing 10-20% vitamin C are handiest 

So, how are you going to incorporate vitamin C into your skincare routine?

We suggest to use your Vitamin C within the morning, given it’s anti-oxidant properties and stabilising qualities 

The Biopelle Tensage serum is a superb brightening serum which is nice for anybody with issues of high quality strains and hyper pigmentation 

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